I have been in the midst of a fantastic yet crazed production schedule for my new show, “Empty Nesters” which launches in the Fall of 2008 on Veria TV. Being quite passionate about projects that enhance people’s lives, this current endeavor has me involved in so many different aspects of people’s lives.

But first, let me clarify what the definition of “Empty Nesters” is these days! It truly is a time when a parent finds themselves in a situation where their child is gaining independence and they may not be as “needed” like they used to be. For example, when my oldest daughter Tarah started driving, well, frankly, she was gone quite a bit. My having to worry about her schedule was not weighing heavily upon me, freeing up some of my time. That was just the beginning. My feelings at the time were conflicting. Was I not needed? I reveled in some of my newfound freedom but then even felt guilty at times too! As the “Empty Nester” syndrome begins to impact you and your life, you’ll experience a wide range of feelings. The trick is to learn how to embrace this new time. Now that Tarah is in college and my middle child, Victoria is going to a fantastic creative arts school where she boards, I have so much more time to myself. Naturally I am more of a homebody and can easily spend hours either reading books or working on my computer. But, as a single “Empty Nester” Mom, I have had to learn to change up my “routine”. The other night I went out with a girlfriend and her friends, to celebrate her 40th birthday party. After dinner we ended up going to a really super club that had a DJ that was fantastic. So, we started to dance as a group…and dance…and dance. Before I knew it THREE hours had passed! No kidding. I danced the entire time with one short break! It was fun and I felt safe since I was there with friends. I felt so free and alive. Normally I dance in my living room with my golden retriever, Tucker, as an audience or I dance with my girls when they are home visiting from school! The experience helped me to lock in the idea that this really is a new phase of my life. And I like it…as an Empty Nester!

The show introduces all sorts of wonderful experiences, interesting people, ideas, healthy advice and more…all designed for that next phase of life. Being an Empty Nester is NOT about being retired…it’s about stepping into a world of new possibilities. It’s a chance to create the life you’ve always wanted! Tune in when we launch the show, along with nine others.

Last of all, I am currently appearing on Veria’s “Simply Beautiful” TV show hosted by the beautiful Roni Proter. My segments are called “To a Healthy You”, aptly named after my new book.

Until next time…stay present, stay positive and live a passionate life! I certainly will!